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What does this element of the programme entail?

Material issues Our principles
Talent management and development We are committed to people development at every level of the organisation.
Competitive pay and reward We offer competitive renumeration to our people.
Employee engagement We value our people and actively work to improve employee engagement.
Diversity and inclusion We understand, respect and value personal and cultural differences.
Health and safety We will not compromise the health or safety of any individual.
Ethical behaviour and human rights We adhere to strict HR policies and comply with our own Code of Conduct.

Why is it material to Wolseley?

Material issues Opportunities Risks
Talent management and development A multi-skilled and well trained workforce will help us to deliver against our objectives and adapt to changing customer needs. Changing operating models require us to constantly up-skill our people. A competitive marketplace puts greater emphasis on excellent career development programmes to attract and retain talent.
Competitive pay
and reward
Well structured remuneration and incentive programmes align employee and company objectives in order to maximise results. Attracting and retaining the best people is dependent on the strength of remuneration programmes.
Employee engagement Motivated and engaged people deliver excellent customer service, develop strong supplier relationships and maximise operational efficiencies. Low employee engagement can lead to suboptimal business results and poor retention of our people.
Diversity and inclusion A diverse workforce brings with it the widest range of knowledge, skills and experience and promotes innovation. An inclusive environment allows our people to feel at ease in the workplace. In an ever-changing market a lack of diversity can limit business progression.
Health and safety A robust health and safety programme protects our people, customers and suppliers. It also improves productivity by reducing the number of days lost to injury. Our principal health and safety risks relate to manual handling, working at height, the use of motorised equipment and vehicle collisions.
Ethical behaviour and human rights A commitment to high ethical standards strengthens our reputation with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. The business is exposed to risks of bribery and fraud. Compliance programmes are in place to mitigate these risks.


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