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What does this element of the programme entail?

Material issues Our Principles
Environmental efficiency We run efficient operations that consume less energy and produce less waste.
Compliance with the law We are committed to observing both the spirit and letter of the law.
Protecting information We protect both digital and physical information on behalf of our stakeholders.

Why is it material to Wolseley?

Material issues Opportunities Risks
Environmental efficiency Better energy and waste management decreases costs and improves operational efficiencies. Energy costs and increasing "green" taxes can reduce Wolseley's profit margins. We have reduction targets in place to minimise these costs.
Compliance with the law Compliance with legal regulations gives us a license to operate. The risk of non-compliance with increasing levels of governmental regulations is a priority.
Protecting information Robust systems and processes together with an informed workforce reduce the risk of losing sensitive or commercial data. Information security is one of our principle tasks.