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Wolseley is the world's leading specialist distributor of plumbing and heating products. Our businesses hold leading positions in their local markets

The financial results in this section relate to ongoing businesses only.



  • The largest distributor of building materials in the Nordic region with number one market positions in Denmark and Sweden
  • A leading retailer in Denmark and Sweden

Revenue (14% of Group)

Trading profit

Trading margin

Business units



Key brands

Silvan logo Stark Denmark logo Beijer logo
Neumann logo Stark Finland logo

5-year performance £m

Graphic: 5-year performance in million pounds: 2011 Revenue: 1983, 2011 Trading Profit: 112, 2012 Revenue: 1981, 2012 Trading Profit: 93, 2013 Revenue: 1864, 2013 Trading Profit: 89, 2014 Revenue: 1892, 2014 Trading Profit: 80, 2015 Revenue: 1863, 2015 Trading Profit: 72

Quarterly like-for-like revenue growth

Graphic: Quarterly like for like revenue growth: 2014 Q1: -2.4%, Q2: 0.6%, Q3: 7.6%, Q4: -2.3%, 2015 Q1: 1.9%, Q2: 5.4%, Q3: 8.8%, Q4: 6.4%

Regional KPIs

  2015 2014
Like-for-like revenue growth +5.5% +0.4%
Trading margin 3.9% 4.2%


Competitive environment

The Stark and Beijer brands are market leaders in Denmark and Sweden respectively, with Silvan the number three DIY retailer in Denmark and Stark the second largest builders’ merchant in Finland.

Each country in the Nordic region is a distinct market with its own national, regional and local competition. However, there are several major competitors operating across the region in the building materials and DIY markets. The markets in the Nordic region tend to be fragmented and there are opportunities to consolidate our market positions across the region.

Revenue by market sector

Graphic: Revenue by market driver pie chart: Non-residential new construction: 9%, Civil infrastructure: 3%, Residential RMI: 55%, Non-residential RMI: 14%, Residential new construction: 19%

Business unit portfolio and profile

Wolseley’s Nordic business principally operates five business units across Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. 

The business primarily serves the residential RMI and new construction markets. The product ranges of the businesses overlap, therefore there are significant synergies from economies of scale in the procurement process.

  • Stark (Denmark)

    Stark is the leading distributor of heavy building materials, tools, hardware, timber and panels in Denmark. Stark’s customers include both professional contractors and DIY builders with around half of stores having a dedicated DIY section.

    Market position

    contribution to 2014/15 revenue

  • Beijer (Sweden)

    Beijer is the leading distributor of building materials in Sweden, serving professional builders, contractors, small industrial enterprises and private consumers.

    Market position

    contribution to 2014/15 revenue

  • Stark (Finland)

    Stark Finland is a leading chain of builders’ merchants in Finland with a format based on large stores and well-trained specialist staff. Stark Finland principally serves professional builders, contractors and construction companies.

    Market position

    contribution to 2014/15 revenue

  • Silvan (Denmark)

    Silvan is a DIY and retail chain in Denmark. Silvan’s stores are strategically placed in larger towns and cities and include both building materials and garden centres.

    Market position

    contribution to 2014/15 revenue

  • Neumann (Norway)

    Another business unit in the region is Neumann, a distributor of building materials in Norway. Neumann serves professional builders, contractors and small industrial enterprises.

    contribution to ongoing 2014/15 revenue

Regional profile PDF

Download the lastest Nordic regional profile


Figures for the year ended 31 July 2015