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  • What does Wolseley do?

    Wolseley is the world’s leading specialist distributor of plumbing and heating products. Wolseley brings together over 60,000 suppliers and 1.1 million professional contractors and domestic customers across Europe and North America, supplying them with approximately 1 million product lines.

  • Where does Wolseley operate?

    Wolseley operates in five major geographic regions: the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, the Nordic region, and Central Europe.

  • Where is Wolseley's headquarters?

    Wolseley plc is registered in Jersey (company number 106605) and tax resident in Zug, Switzerland. Wolseley Group Services is based in Theale, near Reading in the UK.
  • What are Wolseley's strengths?

    We are a world leading distribution company and number one or two in most of our markets. Our strengths are in our product and geographic diversity, the sourcing and procurement benefits derived from our international presence and a commitment to excellent customer service. The industry in which we operate is attractive based on demographic trends towards ageing populations, smaller households and ageing housing stocks, which drive demand for new housing and remodelling, which should remain strong over the long-term. The profit pool for distribution is large because of the fragmented nature of our supplier base and customer base.

  • What is Wolseley's vision?

    Wolseley’s goal is to deliver sustainable and profitable growth. Our objective for each business unit is to grow profitably, faster than our competition. We want to be the world’s best local specialist distributor of plumbing, heating and building materials products.

    Our approach is based on a top down resource allocation process, to allow us to choose which businesses will give us best returns in the long term. In addition, we have developed bottom up detailed business strategies for each business unit to make sure we invest in the right projects and plans to deliver future growth at a local level.

  • How does Wolseley work with suppliers?

    Relationships with our suppliers are key to our success. Strong supplier relationships help us grow our business while, in return we can provide them with access to 1.1 million customers, large and small. Our scale allows us to purchase in bulk from vendors and provide a better service to customers through reduced deliver times, increased fill-rates and high product availability.

  • What is Wolseley's supply chain?

    We supply 1.1 million customers with around 1 million products carefully sourced from over 60,000 trade suppliers. Product availability is vitally important to our business so a highly efficient distribution network is key to delivering on our customers’ needs.

  • What are the principles that underpin the way Wolseley does business?

    Wolseley’s three core values capture the essence of the company and drive how we think and act. We act with integrity. We drive for results and improvement. And we value our people. Our values are consistent across the Group and although our businesses may interpret them slightly differently, their principles have been discussed with all our employees.

  • If Wolseley is so big, why have I never heard the name before?

    Our name is well-known amongst our investor community. We are a member of the FTSE 100 leading companies in the UK.

    Our name may not be universally familiar to the general public. This is because we operate mostly in the business to business or trade sectors. Our strong local brands – including Ferguson, Plumb Center, Stark and Tobler – are predominantly trade-only businesses and they continually exceed customer expectations through wider product ranges and superior service. We are increasingly operating consumer e-Commerce business alongside our trade offerings. For example, is one of the leading online distributors of home improvement products in the USA. Collectively, we are one of the largest e-commerce businesses in the USA.