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What does this element of the programme entail?

Material issues Our principles
Product quality and  integrity We work with our suppliers to maintain excellent standards of product quality and safety.
Responsible sourcing

We expect our suppliers, contractors and agents to adhere to our code of Conduct and to adopt similar standards.

Promoting "eco" products We are a positive link in the sustainable construction supply chain.

Why is it material to Wolseley?

Material issues Opportunities Risks
Product quality and integrity Sourcing and supplying safe, quality products improves our margins, enhances customer satisfaction and enables our people in branch to devote more time to service. Product-related litigation is recognised as one of our principle risks.
Responsible sourcing Working with reputable suppliers gives our stakeholders confidence in the integrity of our supply chain and reduces the risk of business interruption or reputational harm. There is increasing focus on supply chain transparency including labour standards, modern slavery, conflict minerals and avoiding bribery and corruption.
Promoting "eco" products Where the opportunity exists, we can gain market share by supplying sustainable construction products and offering training and advice to our customers. Poor market conditions and pressure on margins are two of the Group’s principal risks. As building regulations increasingly focus on sustainable enhancements, eco products represent a growth opportunity.


Brass parts
Product integrity

Case studies

Roof with solar panels