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Wolseley is the world's leading specialist distributor of plumbing and heating products. Our businesses hold leading positions in their local markets

The financial results in this section relate to ongoing businesses only.



  • Leading distributor of plumbing and heating products in North America
  • Strong business model with large scale distribution centre network and national branch network and showroom network

Key brands

Ferguson logo logo

Revenue (63% of Group)

Trading profit

Trading margin

Business units



5-year performance £m

TBCGraphic: 5-year performance in million pounds: 2011 Revenue: 5500, 2011 Trading Profit: 314, 2012 Revenue: 6168, 2012 Trading Profit: 389, 2013 Revenue: 6757, 2013 Trading Profit: 490, 2014 Revenue: 7045, 2014 Trading Profit: 542, 2015 Revenue: 8337, 2015 Trading Profit: 683

Quarterly like-for-like revenue growth

 Graphic: Quarterly like for like revenue growth: 2014 Q1: 7.4%, Q2: 5.0%, Q3: 9.0%, Q4: 11.1%, 2015 Q1: 12.4%, Q2: 11.1%, Q3: 8.3%, Q4: 7.5%

Regional KPIs

  2015 2014
Like-for-like revenue growth +9.6% +8.2%
Trading margin 8.2% 7.7%


Competitive environment

Ferguson has no direct competitor that operates across all its markets, and each business unit has its own competitors. These range from large national players, including trade sales by large home improvement chains, to single branch operations. The market remains fragmented with a large number of small and regional distributors making up the majority of the market.

Revenue by market sector

Non-residential new construction: 15%, Civil infrastructure: 16%, Residential RMI: 28%, Non-residential RMI: 26%, Residential new construction: 15%

Business unit portfolio and profile

In the US we operate six business units. Ferguson is the primary operating brand for our B2B business and is the primary operating brand for our online B2C business. The business operates across all 50 states, served by 12 distribution centres, providing next day product availability. Ferguson predominantly serves the RMI markets and has relatively low exposure to the residential new construction market.

  • Blended Branches

    The Ferguson Blended Branches business distributes plumbing supplies to customers across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors for new construction and RMI projects. In smaller markets that may not justify a standalone presence for heating, ventilation and air conditioning ("HVAC") and Waterworks businesses, a Blended location can also provide the products and services for these customers.

    Market position

    contribution to ongoing 2014/15 revenue

  • Waterworks

    The Waterworks business distributes pipes, valves, hydrants, fittings and meters and related water and waste water management products to residential, commercial and municipal contractors.

    Market position

    contribution to ongoing 2014/15 revenue

  • HVAC

    The HVAC business distributes heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment to specialist contractors, predominantly in the residential and commercial sectors. Branded branches selling high quality equipment are an important feature of this market. 

    Market position

    contribution to ongoing 2014/15 revenue

  • Industrial

    The Industrial business distributes pipes, valves and fittings (“PVF") to industrial customers across all sectors including oil and gas, mining and power generation. It provides supply chain management solutions for a full range of maintenance, repair and operating supplies and distributes fasteners and related production components to manufacturers.

    Market position

    contribution to ongoing 2014/15 revenue

  • Other business units

    The other business units include:

    • The Fire and Fabrication business fabricates and supplies fire protection systems to commercial contractors.
    • The B2C business sells directly to consumers via websites using the product range and distribution network of the Blended Branches business.
    • The MRO business provides products and services to customers in the facilities maintenance market including building service contractors, hospitality managers, government agencies and to manufacturers and industrial customers.

    contribution to ongoing 2014/15 revenue

Regional profile PDF

Download the latest USA regional profile


Figures for the year ended 31 July 2015